Credit Wholesaling Program (CWS)


Objectives of Credit Wholesaling Program (CWS) Program

Access to Finance is the major bottle necks for SMEs. It’s well said that SMEs particularly the Small Entrepreneurs do not get loans from the banking sector due to lack of capacity, experience, documentation, collaterals etc. Entrepreneurs who are located outside Dhaka face the problem more. Considering the fact, SMEF designed the Credit Wholesaling Program under which collateral free single digit interest loans are given to the targeted entrepreneurs of selected clusters, sectors and clientele groups through Partner Financial Institutions (Banks and Non-Banks Financial Institutions). This is a regular program of SMEF under which finance are made available for the entrepreneurs who are mainly treated as the missing middle and remain out of banking services. In this program, preference is given to Small & Women Entrepreneurs who are mainly out of Dhaka.


List of Beneficiary of Credit Wholesaling Program
Beneficiary List (December 2018 )
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